What we do

Project Management

Square Peg has extensive experience navigating city requirements and permitting processes. We focus on plan development and creation of sound budgets to tenaciously drive schedules. Our subcontractor team is well-respected throughout the Puget Sound.


Square Peg has a long history of collaborating with architects, clients, and subcontractors to create living spaces more in tune with the homeowner’s lifestyle. We understand the intrinsic challenges of reworking older homes and various styles. We focus on site protection and maintain an almost OCD level of cleanliness throughout the project. Focus: Additions, renovations, new construction


We want to help you take your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level. Square Peg Construction understands the desire to showcase what you do and who you are and can offer a personalized approach to achieving your goals. Defining project scope, developing a sound budget, and proactive scheduling create the framework for your successful endeavor. Whether you are in business already or you are in the process of creating your dream, we want to be a part of making you successful. Focus: Restaurants and custom retail

Fine Carpentry and Woodworks

Our true love is creativity through trees and metallurgy (wood + metal). Having a workshop at our disposal gives us the ability to create fantastic works hampered only by imagination. Whether designed in-house or architectural partnership, we strive for perfection. If you are looking for custom cabinets, fine furniture, built-ins, custom screens, doors, millwork, fancy decks or timber frame structures, Give Square Peg a call.